“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take gets us to the wrong place faster…”

Stephen R Covey

What we do and why

My Next Chapter provides coaching and facilitation spaces for individuals and organisations to think and plan for what’s next.

The choices we make are hugely important with the potential to impact for many years to come. Given the global pandemic, the stakes are even higher for us all. We need support to make the right choices for ourselves and our organisations and space to look at these things, in a wider context, to help achieve clarity, set intentions and create plans to deliver them.

We do this work to increase impact and effectiveness in the lives of individuals and organisations, and to ensure better outcomes of what we do and how we do it.

Who we work with

We work specifically with thinking and doing people, people who make things happen, leaders, creatives, social entrepreneurs, change makers, risk takers and those who want to live and work ‘beyond the pay packet’. Whatever the context, the people we work with have a number of things in common; they are experiencing a time for change and want to make a difference to other people’s lives.

Why people come to us

Individuals and organisations come to My Next Chapter because they:

  • Are at a cross-roads, with important decisions to make and want to create a change plan for themselves or their organisations
  • Are stuck or confused by too many options or perceived complexity
  • Need space and support to generate fresh thinking
  • Need to clarify what’s important and what needs to prioritised
  • Need to explore and clarify the impact they want to have
  • Want to create space to generate alignment, well-being and resilience

How we work

My Next Chapter programmes provide space to ask powerful questions. Using a coaching facilitation style the process allows individuals and organisations to make important decisions to create change. We do this in a supportive and challenging way, disrupting default patterns generating new thinking and behaviours. We work in a safe, creative and engaging way, providing an environment where people are able to be themselves and stretch themselves.

The sessions draw on thinking and theories from positive psychology, philosophy, resilience, and emotional intelligence and uses a coaching based approach to facilitation.

Our values

Our core values underpin all our work:

My Next Chapter - Values

Who and what we are

My Next Chapter is a Limited Company social enterprise using what we do to affect social change and generate impact. We focus on meaning and purpose; what we love and are good at as a way to ensure we are making our best contribution to change. We are intentionally small-working with a team of expert freelancers and with relationships at the heart of what we do.

Bev Morton in studio

About My Next Chapter Founder, Bev Morton

Bev Morton - My Next ChapterBev Morton is an accredited coach and facilitator who has worked in the cultural and social sectors for over 30 years. Bev has been exploring what most effectively generates individual and organisational alignment, well-being and resilience as a means of increasing impact.

Bev is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (FRSA), she was a Fellow on the Clore Leadership Programme (2005/6). She has founded four companies including My Next Chapter and previously set up The Art of Possibility in 2007 providing leadership coaching and facilitation to individuals and over 350 cultural and social leaders and organisations.

This also included the award winning Bradford based arts charity, Artworks Creative Communities and Manchester accessories design firm, Blubber.

She worked with Clore as one of the Short Course facilitation team for over nine years in addition to being a coach, workshop leader and active listener for the Clore Social Leadership Programme. She is an accredited action learning facilitator, accredited to Practitioner level in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Member of the Association for Coaching.


Collaboration is central to the way of working for My Next Chapter; this creates in-built resilience for both the work and the impact we have as a result.

From coaching to design work and accounting, the company is underpinned by a number of specialists working in what they are good at and love doing.

The approach is also about the ‘synergy’ of collaboration; the right people working together on the things that drive them and at the right time.

Key collaborators include:

Kevin Roberts

Web design and print designKevin has worked closely with Bev over the last 13 years. Flexible, patient and an all-round active listener; he makes what’s in your head a reality.


Lucy Hawthorne

FacilitatorLucy is a facilitator and coach working with people and organisations with world changing ambitions! She’s a campaigner at heart and has worked with charities, NGOs and community groups over the past 15 years on a wide range of social and environmental issues.

My next Chapter - collaborator Bryony

Bryony Jade Throup

Marketing AssistantBryony is a marketing assistant and photographer who focuses on brand awareness and digital design. She works with brands to increase visibility and content creation.

Rachel Shaw

MarketingRachel is passionate about marketing strategy and brings her expertise, rooted in knowledge, warmth and style. Without jargon, she helps us to develop our marketing, communications and social media.

MNC Collaborator - Ali

Alison Camwell

Organisational DevelopmentAlison has over 30 years’ experience in project management, marketing and more. She left the corporate world to help start-ups, small business owners and scaleups get ‘stuff’ done and help fully realise the business’ growth ambitions. She’s working with the team to help deliver our vision for My Next Chapter, whilst we continue to make a meaningful difference for people.

Matthew Warters

Matthew Warters

FinanceMatthew’s work helps us to continue to thrive after 13 years.



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A lesson in what we can and can't control...Yesterday, despite all our hard work and best efforts, we're having to reschedule (with a definite reschedule!) our Intensive Sessions due to Bev testing positive for Covid. A reminder that as human beings, something's are just out of control.We were really looking forward to our first Intensive session with you; disappointed is an understatement.Thank you for your time and patience. We will be back!!#MyNextChapterForChange 🌱 ... See MoreSee Less
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IT'S TOMORROW! 🌱We are very excited to be kicking off our first Intensive Programme and can't wait to meet all of those who have signed up! The aim of this My Next Chapter Intensive; 'Confidence to Change' is to support #changemakers to be more confident so that they can create impactful change in their lives, work and organisations. We want to help people seeking to create change, to create more of it and to do it more confidently. Does this sound like the right fit for you? Don't miss your last chance to book here 📲 lnkd.in/g2QAWDHWe are looking forward to meeting you all! (Virtually of course)🥳...If you don't feel this session is right for you please see what else we have available for the rest of July and our Online Change Programmes (starting in October) here: lnkd.in/gbua52U #whatmakesyourheartsing #authenticity #alignment #motivation #womenempoweringwomen #wellness #selfhealing #changecoach #challengeyourself #Resilience #ChangeCoach #wellbeing #MyNextChapterForChange #resilience #changecoach #challenges #challengeyourself #motivation #inspiration #changemakers #stretchlearning #outofyourcomfortzone #growth #personalgrowth #coaching ... See MoreSee Less
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