My Next Chapter 1-1 Coaching

1-1 and Group Coaching

My Next Chapter – 1-1 and Group Coaching provides support for people who are in transition.

Working with people on a 1-1 and Group basis is a hugely important area of My Next Chapter change work. Whether focussing on your own life or each person in a group, this coaching space helps to identify what it is you want and need and how you want to make that a reality.

A huge amount of learning and insight comes from this reflective process; it allows what is working, what isn’t working and what’s important to emerge. This allows planning for what’s next based on those priorities.

Ultimately the client determines how we work; this is your change process. No two people or group of people are the same so we work closely with our clients to help you identify needs and work with what is present to help achieve the desired goals.

Above all, we listen to you intently. It’s about getting really clear about what you want to focus on and what it is you are seeking to achieve. We walk alongside you, asking probing questions and keeping you focused.

We align our coaching practice to preferred learning styles and use different methodologies to unlock what’s in the mind as a means to access fresh thinking and new solutions. Using a broad range of methods and theory rooted in alignment; we work with metaphors and mantras, floor mapping, image making, and other creative processes.

Coaching is delivered face to face in our coaching space in Thornton, West Yorkshire, by phone or online via Zoom; something which has become the new normal due to Covid 19. Group coaching is also delivered via Zoom using all it’s functions such as breakout rooms, chat boxes and slide sharing. Face to face coaching will return when it is safe to do so.

My Next Chapter 1-1 and Group Coaching is grounded in high-quality training, solid professional practice, regular supervision and a consistently excellent reputation. We have been coaching clients on a 1-1 and group basis for over 13 years and get phenomenal feedback from our work together in creating change.

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Case Study – My Next Chapter for over 50’s

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“Bradford Oddfellows were pleased to be able to facilitate the My Next Chapter course at our lodge. It was a pleasure working with Bev who proved to be an inspirational and innovative facilitator. We have had excellent feedback from attendees who have used the course to make positive changes in their lives.”

“I was fortunate to attend the My next chapter course in Bradford Autumn 2019. I am in my early 60s and was feeling unfocused and lacking enthusiasm. I was carrying a lot of negativity from my past that was preventing me from moving on. Working through the course helped me to challenge myself and re inspired me to look at what I still want to achieve with my life.”




“I enjoyed every coaching session I had with Bev. She guided me through the process with great skill and insight, and the right amount of challenge. Enabling me to see very clearly how to proceed on my own creative journey and career. It has meant that I am much more selective in the direction I am choosing to go in; not taking on jobs that don’t fit my goals and distract me from where I want to be, and really building up on my strengths that we identified and the areas that I want to be developing. This is working so well for me.”


Artist and Photographer

“Working with Bev has been a true gift. Going through the process has reignited my inner flame which I now realise had been dimmed due to an unsustainable working environment. Bev’s sessions were filled with encouragement and wisdom, as a result I look forward to demonstrating authentic leadership and owning my platform. Thank you for everything you do Bev.”


“Timothy Burke (@SpiltMilkMan) tweeted on Thu, May 17, 2018: Having a bit of a personal review, looking back on 5 years as a freelancer and remembering how it all began with @bevmon and #TheArtofPossibility – it took us just 10.25 hours and 7.3 million spider diagrams to launch me on my journey and change everything.”



“Bev is an excellent coach and facilitator. She has a wonderfully warm and approachable manner and a valuable ability to listen and ask thought provoking questions. I was amazed at the impact one day could have on my career choices. It set me on the journey to setting up my own business. If you are looking for a coach, facilitator or course to help you find direction then look no further. You are a superstar, what you do is nothing short of magic.”


Director, CultureRunner

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