The world we are now living in means our leaders are tasked with providing bold solutions to big and complex problems in order to affect change. More than ever we need to ensure that the right leaders are aligned in the right place doing the right thing for the right reasons and that this fits to the wider context of their lives.

Is this you?

  • Are you at that moment when things need to change and beginning to think about what’s next?
  • Are you ready to ask yourself some seriously important questions about what, why and how you do what you do?
  • Do you have a sense that there is more for you to contribute?
  • Are you unsure what to do next?

My Next Chapter for Leaders and Founders provides focused space for social and cultural leaders, founders, social entrepreneurs and change makers who are in transition; providing space to think about what’s next for their leadership journey.

My Next Chapter for Leaders and Founders equips you to step forward with a strong sense of direction towards the ‘next chapter’ in your own leadership journey. The work provides space to take stock of where you are currently, what you have achieved as a leader to date and what needs to be recalibrated to achieve the impact you are seeking.

“Bringing Bev in to deliver sessions on our Time to Grow and Resilient Leaders Programmes has been fantastic – her creative style and ability to help people think deeply about who they are, what they want and how they are going to get there, really helps people unlock latent potential. Her style is very complementary to the way we work and always adds some extra depth and magic to support people and organisations to flourish.”

NICKALA TORKINGTON Flourish Together, Manchester

We have provided leadership 1-1 coaching and group facilitated sessions for over 13 years via both My Next Chapter and The Art of Possibility. In 2020, sessions have been delivered for Flourish Together (Manchester) in addition to The Resilient Social Entrepreneur sessions for School for Social Entrepreneurs  and UnLtd.

Programmes have also been provided for both Clore Leadership Programme (Cultural Leadership) and Clore Social Leadership Programmes  (Leaders with a Social Purpose), the Culture Lab programme in Wales, in addition to open programmes run in London, Bristol, Leeds and Peterborough.

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From this work you will:

  • Gain clarity about your unique contribution
  • Identify your needs, strengths and preferred ways of working as a leader
  • Explore how and where you might have the most impact by reflecting on the right context for you
  • Look at yourself in a whole life context to identify the right fit for you
  • Review realistic options, make decisions and identify next steps

The coaching and facilitation framework My Next Chapter for Leaders and Founders draws on leadership thinking and theories from positive psychology, resilience, and emotional intelligence. We use the processes of peer learning and reflection as a leadership tools for learning and work in a fun and engaging way.

Participant Testimonials

The Brick Box logo

The Brickbox approached Bev because we were at a transition point as an organisation and individuals. We had come up to 10 years of running the company and we wanted to examine where we were at and what we might do next. We found the sessions (with Bev) just brilliant as they really opened up conversations between me and Rosie (co-Founders)…

Both for the Brickbox as an organisation and for Rosie and I as two individuals, you helped explore those two entities and open up space to think differently which has been absolutely invaluable. I feel like if we hadn’t done that work, I’m not sure of where we would have been able to go in a way. It started conversations which we have continued…we couldn’t have had those conversations on our own. On a person level, the individual session I had with you was an actual life changer…some of the things we worked through, helped to reposition my thinking…that my way of working is different, not wrong. Be more you is something that I took away from it.

I would say that you single-handedly helped me to steer onto a different course which is much more true to my true north.” I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone who was looking to make choices and review where they are at and where they want to go.”


Co-Founder, Brickbox

Bev’s 121 support on the programme was rated at 8/10 and described as:

“Motivating, Galvanising, Empowering”

School for Social Entrepreneurs Health and Wellbeing Programme

“Bev effortlessly creates an atmosphere of warmth and trust, enabling her to ask the questions that I needed to be asked. Being coached by her has enabled me to identify, challenge and move beyond my own limiting self-beliefs. She had the perfect balance of empathy and challenge that unlocked valuable insights and enabled productive sessions that always left me feeling positive, energised and ready to move forward. The process of working with Bev was nurturing, illuminating and ultimately transformative. She has been a catalyst for my career and development.”


Clore Fellow

“I feel really honoured to have had Bev as a coach…armed with an extensive toolkit of techniques, strategies and examples which she brings to the table in an insightful way. Bev held the space and intuitively shaped it to suit my ever changing needs creating a supportive environment for me to really explore. This experience so far has been invaluable to my growth and development.” 


Feedback from sessions with The School for Social Entrepreneurs focusing on wellbeing and resilience, aligning mission, purpose and vision.

“A good mix of theoretical and practical, relating examples back to real life and Bev was very empathetic.” ” (Bev)..was great at distilling and driving towards understanding”.’

The School for Social Entrepreneurs

“I came in the room unclear and left with a spring in my step.”


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