MNC-Intensives 2 ident

MNC Intensives 2: MNC Choices and Impact


Wed 28st July 2021 4.00pm–6.00pm (2 hours)

My Next Chapter Intensives are short, snappy, interactive sessions which provide a deep dive into a specific aspect of change and designed for maximum learning and impact.

In the years we have been doing this change work, one of the biggest, most consistent themes that has been present in sessions is choices and decision-making and the impact of them in creating change. This is why we have developed My Next Chapter Intensive; Choices and Impact.


The aims of this My Next Chapter Intensive; Choices and Impact are to:

  • create space to give choices and decision-making focus
  • explore the impact of choice in change processes
  • generate a more aligned choice-making process

This is an interactive session which will include:

  • The nature of choice and decision-making in change
  • Understanding the nature of your own choices and decision-making - How do you usually make decisions? What is working for you, what is not working?
  • What are the right choices for you? What does aligned decision-making look like?


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