My Next Chapter Open Programmes

Are you ready for change?

From February we will be offering online My Next Chapter change programmes – space for you to create change in your life and work.

Whether it is by choice or circumstance, where we are now change has been forced upon us. What if we used this time to deeply interrogate our choices? What if we used the potential to provide a catalyst for change?

Is this you or someone you know?

  • Are you ready for change and looking for ways to make it happen?
  • Would you benefit from working with others just like you, but all different?
  • Are you interested in asking yourself some important questions around what is right for you and the life you need to lead?

What is it?

This online change programme, will have a group of up to 12 people, each person individual, yet different, part of something, supporting each other. Facilitated online via Zoom with the My Next Chapter team; Change Coach Bev Morton, co-pilot, Lucy Hawthorne and programme administration, Mags McLeary.

  • A change programme supporting individuals who are seeking to create change in their lives
  • Fortnightly sessions of three hours, held on line
  • Formed of a supportive change group of participants of no more than 12 people
  • Working both on and off line
  • Exercises and activities scheduled in between group sessions
  • Programme resources available to participants during and after the programme
  • Membership of a closed Facebook group with members of your cohort to continue the change conversation
  • Option of additional 1-1 change coaching support outside the group sessions
The Choices We Make

What are we doing this for?

This open programme is designed to support the ‘givers’; thinking and doing people, people who make things happen, leaders, creatives, artists, musicians, educators, local authority workers, social entrepreneurs, changemakers, risk takers, those who want to live and work ‘beyond the pay-packet’ and more often than not, those who tend to support others before investing in themselves, their lives and their own futures.

We want to change this.

This is space for you to create change in your life and work.

My Next Chapter open programme is designed to help you identify the life that’s right for you with the right ingredients.

Why now?

It is time to interrogate our choices around our needs and what’s important. Our energy, breaths and lives are at a premium. We literally have no time to waste.

It is time to get it right; for ourselves and those we care for.

What makes us the right people to work with?

We’ve been providing 1-1, group and face to face change coaching for individuals and organisations for over 13 years and have worked with literally hundreds of people across the UK. For the past five years we’ve been running highly impactful face to face My Next Chapter group programmes.

We are using the same principles and values we use in face to face programmes, working with individuals and groups, that we have adapted for an online context.

You can read more about the work and the My Next Chapter team here


We currently have two programmes to choose from:

  • Programme 1: Starting Fri 26th Feb 2021
    • Session 1 – Fri 26th Feb 2021  10.00–1.00pm
    • Session 2 – Fri 12th March 2021 10.00–1.00pm
    • Session 3 – Fri 26th March 2021 10.00–1.00pm


  • Programme 2: Starting Fri 30th April 2021
    • Free Taster+ sessionsFri 16th April 12.30–1.30pm and Mon 19th April 2021 11.00am–12.00pm 
    • Session 1 – Fri 30th April 2021 10.00–1.00pm
    • Session 2 – Fri 14th May 2021 10.00–1.00pm
    • Session 3 – Fri 28th May 2021 10.00–1.00pm
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Want to get a flavour of the programme, meet others, ask questions and see if this is right for you? 

Join the FREE Taster+ sessions on Friday 16th April at 12.30–1.30pm and Monday 19th April 11.00am–12.00pm

Booking now through EventBrite


Each person needs to invest time, energy, focus and commitment for this programme to have impact and create change.

The financial investment to become one of the group of 12 is as follows:

  • Early bird, offer valid to 5.00pm Tues 20th April 2021 £345
  • Reduced wage and freelance: £395
  • Full price: £495

Please don’t let the money be a barrier.

Payment terms are available if you need them, feel free to enquire.

You already know this programme is for you?

Use our online shop to book your place.

Further information

For further information on the programme, to register your interest please contact Mags at

Join us in creating change.

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We’re really grateful that this business development has been made possible with Covid-19 Recovery Fund.


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