My Next Chapter Online Programmes

Are you ready for change?

As we emerge into a changed world, what if we used this as an opportunity to deeply interrogate our choices and provide a catalyst for change? My Next Chapter online programmes are designed to help you create change; to identify the life and work that’s right for you with the right ingredients and at the right pace.

Is this you or someone you know?

  • Are you ready for change and looking for ways to make it happen?
  • Would you benefit from working with others like you who are also seeking to create change?
  • Are you interested in asking yourself some important questions around what is right for you and the life you need to lead?
  • Do you have an appetite to do things differently?

We have TWO online programmes which can help support the change you are seeking to make. These are programmes are stand-alone: you can benefit from doing any or all of these sessions.

Currently we have My Next Chapter Intensives which are single, short sessions on a specific topic of change.

In addition we have  My Next Chapter Open programmes, which are a series of three sessions plus a range of extras.

What we offer is:

My Next Chapter Intensives: Confidence to Change

    • Weds 21st July 2021 11.00am–12.30pm
My Next Chapter Intensives: Choices and Impact

    • Weds 28th July 2021 4.00pm–6.00pm
My Next Chapter Open Programme:

Postponed until 2022. Dates to be announced.

The Choices We Make

Who is this for?

Our online programmes are designed to support the supporters, the ‘givers’. More often than not, these are people who tend to support others before investing in themselves, their lives and their own futures.

We work with, thinking and doing people, people who make things happen, leaders, creatives, artists, musicians, educators, local authority workers, social entrepreneurs, changemakers, risk takers, those who want to live and work ‘beyond the pay-packet’.

We want to change this.


What makes us the right people to work with?

We have spent the last twelve months developing our online programmes using the same principles and values we use in face to face work with individuals and groups. This allows people from all over the world to benefit and share the impact of this change work.

We’ve been providing highly impactful 1-1, group and face to face change coaching for individuals and organisations for over 13 years with literally hundreds of people across the UK and abroad.

You can read more about the work and the My Next Chapter team here

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Further information

For further information on the programme, to register your interest please contact Info at

Join us in creating change.

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We’re really grateful that this business development has been made possible with the Covid-19 Recovery Fund and AD:VENTURE.

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Due to Covid some events have had to be postponed until 2022. Dates to be announced.


6 days ago

My Next Chapter
“The paradox of change is that the only way to alter the way we think is by doing the very things our habitual thinking keeps us from doing"~Herminia Ibarra........#longcovidrecovery #recovery #reflection #motivationalquotes #sayitwithme #motivation #spirituality #womenempoweringwomen #healing #selflove #wellness #mentalhealth #selfhealing #selflove#mentalhealthmatters #emotionalhealing #bekindtoyourself #treatyourselfwell #changemaker #comparison #selfleadership #reflection #changecoach#MyNextChapterforchange #impact #mindbodyspirit #changecoach #findyourvoice #meetyourneeds #MondayMotivation ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

My Next Chapter
"We are conditioned over the course of our lifetimes to believe that in order to overachieve we must overdo" ~ Greg McKeown @gregorymckeownWe live in a world where we’re constantly trying to do too much and be too many things for too many people, and it usually gets us no where but overwhelmed. It’s like we’re stuck in uncertainty and lack of choice sometimes. But really, we lack clarity on seeing our priorities. The 'oughts' and 'shoulds' can take over your days and this is where change in our daily lives can benefit from reflection and observation. #MyNextChapterforChange 🌱#effortless #essentialism #gregmckeown #essentialism #effortless #effortlessbook #productivity #transformation #fruitfullife #productivitytips #lifehacks #selfcare #mindset #nextstep #runyourrace #chronicfatigue ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

My Next Chapter
#REPOST👇🏻@mendyourhead …6 weeks ago i had a wobble. it was whilst doing my first real show since the pandemic and i was stood behind my stand. now, normally 98% of the people i meet at shows are absolutely (incredibly) lovely and i’ve always enjoyed seeing their reactions to my work. however, there are always a handful of people that just don’t like, don’t get, or don’t see the point in what i do. which is totally fine and all being part of a maker. however, on this one occasion i had this very ‘alpha male’ type stand in front of me and be aggressively rude about what i do. and whether it was because it was my first show back for 18 months (you harden off to it and i’d forgotten about these people) or whether it was his sheer abruptness - it really threw me. and it stuck with me. not just for the rest of the show, but for the next couple of weeks. it made me question what i was doing, whether i wanted to do shows again and also just how was i going to get over it. fortunately, the very next show i did totally restored my confidence and reminded me of two things - no matter how many nice things people say about you, it will always be the one negative thing that you will focus on and let niggle away at your worth. secondly - fuck ‘em. i’m a firm believer in ‘self-doubt’ being the key counterpoint to ‘self-belief’ in the creative process, but as with either of these two opposing feelings, you cannot allow it to consume you and eat away at your confidence, due to something, that some random person may say. anyway. over it. #doubt #repostios #repostw10 ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

My Next Chapter
“Hold the Vision, Trust the Process"🌱........#TheodoreRoosevelt #dailyquotes #motivationalquotes #sayitwithme #motivation #spirituality #womenempoweringwomen #healing #selflove #wellness #mentalhealth #selfhealing #selflove#mentalhealthmatters #emotionalhealing #bekindtoyourself #treatyourselfwell #changemaker #comparison #selfleadership #reflection #changecoach#MyNextChapterforchange #impact #mindbodyspirit #changecoach #findyourvoice #meetyourneeds #fridaymotivation ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

My Next Chapter
A letter of hope from thirty years ago resonating now. ... See MoreSee Less
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