“The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”

Albert Einstein

My Next Chapter for Organisations

Given where we are now, these words have never seemed more profound, more relevant. The choices we make and the subsequent actions we take make a huge difference to our organisations, our staff and the individuals we work with. So we need to ensure that the choices we make are the right ones; this is decision making crucial to our survival and impact.

That’s a lot of pressure for teams and organisations and something which is often hard to do without external facilitation. We risk re-circulating our existing thinking in a vacuum. My Next Chapter for Organisations provides a fresh, online and offline thinking to that process.

What makes our facilitation different?

Working in the social and cultural sectors for over 30 years, we are rooted in social and cultural change. 


This is facilitated support for organisations in transition to think about where you are now, where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, and importantly, where we are going and why and what needs to change.

Expertly facilitated using a coaching based approach and the processes of peer learning and reflection as a leadership tools for learning. This work draws on thinking and theories from positive psychology, wellbeing and resilience, and emotional intelligence.

Sessions online via Zoom and in the future, back in the room, we work in a fun and engaging way providing not only an environment where people are able to be open and challenge and listen to each other, but also where people can be themselves and sharing their thoughts and ideas.


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Some examples of My Next Chapter for Organisations sessions delivered

Over the past few years we have worked with a broad range of organisations, here are a few of our past clients and some thoughts of what they thought of our work together:

Case Study

My Next Chapter for Creatives was commissioned to facilitate the initial consultation for the vision of the bid with a wide cross section of Bradford’s communities. Bev Morton, worked with artist Jean McEwan, initially using creative methods and then facilitating online sessions due to the pandemic.

“Great experience working with Bev and her colleague Jean on the preliminary visioning workshops for #Bradford2025. An enormously talented, experienced and thoughtful facilitator who tackled the project with great creativity, imagination and patience.”

Richard Shaw: Director

Case Study

CMC (Children’s Media Conference) approached Bev to facilitate a My Next Chapter session for us at a time of change.

“Taking time and making space to reflect on how we could be better and where were going has had a big impact. Working with her alongside us each year over the past five years, with her asking us hard questions, has helped us all focus on what’s important. We’ve streamlined how we work and how we make choices. We have expanded the team and are now very clear about what we are about, why we do what we do and who for. We have an increased confidence that we are in the right place to connect with the right emerging opportunities for us. The My Next Chapter reflective space has become a core part of our shared practise at CMC.”

Kathy Loizou, Director Children’s Media Conference


Mark worked alongside Bev during the development of The Leap Bradford for their successful submission to the Arts Council securing £2m investment for Bradford.

“Bev is a brilliant facilitator, adviser and thinker, she can bring the best out of any group of people and always with great care and imagination.”

Mark Dobson,

Independent Cultural Consultant/Adviser

“NMMC would whole-heartedly recommend Bev Morton to other organisations looking to undertake similar projects. She cares deeply about supporting organisations undergoing change and she was able to draw on her extensive experience to support us in this process.”

Richard Dougherty

Director, National Maritime Museum Cornwall

“It was invaluable. The sessions put us in a room together and made us open up to each other, value each other and work out ways to create a better working relationship.

Your ability to focus throughout each session was admirable and to move us through a process that was clearly well structured and thought out. Very insightful facilitation, making us face up to conflict without exacerbating it, was very carefully achieved.”

Judy Connor

Cecil Green Arts

“Bev came in to work with us at a crucial point in our transformation… we were ready to begin the initial implementation of our plans and needed external input to help us shape our ideas and challenge our thinking in the process.

Her accessibility and unceremonious approach mean she gets to really know your organisation. This, along with her fearless questioning and digging under the grit, means that as an organisation you are also freed up to question, challenge and formulate as a team with a freshness and objectivity.

Bev brings a unique combination of significant experience across the social sector, a unique coaching style alongside business savvy and knowledge, which for us as a small charity has been key in basing our plans on coherent and sound foundations.”

Ali Kaye,

Project Manager,, Hidden Voices



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My Next Chapter
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My Next Chapter
#Announcement 🌱 Introducing….My Next Chapter Webinars! Our NEW Intensives Programmes provide spaces for you to think and plan for what’s next...During this time of change, many of us are re-evaluating and re-prioritising how we live and work. My Next Chapter Intensives are short, snappy, interactive sessions which provide a deep dive into a specific aspect of change and designed for maximum learning and impact.Are you ready to dive into your next chapter?👇🏻 ( See below for what we have in store). 🌿Intensives Programme: Confidence to Change, Confidence Clinic ( 21st July 2021 | 11.00am- 12.30pm).🌿 Intensives Programme: Choices and Impact(28th July 2021 | 4pm-6pm).Want to discover more information about our Intensives and Open Programmes? 📲Register here👉🏻http://bit.ly/EventRegisterMNC More info👉🏻http://bit.ly/MNCProgrammeInfo #MyNextChapterForChange #wellbeingjourney #wellbeingatwork #reflectivepractice #reflections #personaldevelopment #leadership #goalsetting2021 #goalsettingtips #challengeyourself #reflectivejourney #selfcare #wellbeing #selflove #breathwork #relax #resetwellbeingcards #mentalhealth #anxiety #stress #stressmanagement #worklifebalance #realease ... See MoreSee Less
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My Next Chapter
How are we all feeling today? We challenge you to finish the caption ‘If my body could talk, it would say……’🌱To allow the mind and body to align, it’s great to check in with yourself. We would love to hear your thoughts and self observations! 👇🏻Please comment below 👇🏻#MyNextChapterReflections #recharge #wellbeing #wellness #mindfulness #healthylifestyle #meditation #motivation #healing #healthyliving #happiness inspiration #mindset #nature #positivity #mindbodyspirit #changecoach #findyourvoice #meetyourneeds #selfawareness #selfunderstanding #understandyourself #selfkindness ... See MoreSee Less
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My Next Chapter
Do you manage productivity effectively?Being proactive rather than reactive. Without battling time it shifts what really matters to you and puts that at the forefront of your choices. Being intentional with your priorities makes room to cultivate growth. “You do not just wake up and become the butterfly—growth is a process.”Really inspired by the work of poet @rupikaur_ - everything she writes beautifully shines a light on growth within us all!#homebody #poetry #growth #boundaries #selfcare #changecoach #productivity #align #love #alignment #energy #balance #meditation #healing #nature #awaken #peace #gratitude #breathe #selfcare #mindfulness #grounded #rootedandgrounded #intention #growingselfknowledge #choices #MyNextChaperforChange #MyNextChapterReflection ... See MoreSee Less
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My Next Chapter
Does anyone else need a reflective break? 💡Social media has a world of importance and benefits but it’s important to remind yourself of the prosperity of reflective screen breaks throughout your day...How screen breaks can aid your daily life👇🏻🌱They bring you back to present-moment awareness. Your purpose and flow of life can be interrupted by technology, , so by shutting off from screens this can help realignment with your own purpose. 🌱Make deeper connections through face to face interactions and experiences. 🌱By making the mind less ‘busy’ we often improve our productivity and learning capabilities. 🌱Improvements to sleep- one of the most important foundations of physical and mental health!Step outside for 15 minute, recharge when you can and breathe in nature!#recharge #screenbreak #wellbeing #wellness #mindfulness #healthylifestyle #meditation #motivation #healing #healthyliving #happiness inspiration #mindset #nature #positivity #mindbodyspirit #screentimealternatives #changecoach #Mynextchapterforchange ... See MoreSee Less
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