We seek to affect
long term change in
creative people
and their practice

My Next Chapter for Creatives

My Next Chapter for Creatives is a space for creative people to think and plan for what’s next. It is a collaboration between coach and facilitator Bev Morton and artist Jean McEwan.

This personal and professional development programme provides a meaningful space for artists to examine where they are, where they have been and where they want to go.

Using creative methods throughout, My Next Chapter for Creatives provides an immersive and focussed space working alongside creative peers and professional facilitators. For individuals, the process is both supportive and challenging with an opportunity to reflect on their practice and generate a set of intentions for the future.

My Next Chapter for Creatives will empower participants to stay aligned to their own creative growth, challenge the conventional paradigm of what it means to be creative and reshape the way in which we live and work as artists.

“I am now about to embark on a life changing path which I would have put off for another couple of years, had I not found the clarity through the My Next Chapter programme. I am building a future around my identified needs, which will in turn allow me to grow and thrive as a creative person.”

“The big change for me came around challenging what I thought was an immovable structure to my life – which actually was just me not questioning what I was doing and for what reason. I would describe My Next Chapter for Creatives as a clearing of space in your head and life which allows you to build something that is rooted in your authentic self.”

Rachel Shaw – South Square participant July 2018