Important questions and key themes

During the programme we ask some core important questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where have you been?
  • Where are you going and why? And what’s important in your next chapter?
  • How are you going to get there

We also explore key themes such as:

  • Being an artist as you – the ‘space that only you can fill’
  • Using what you love and are good at
  • Growing in yourself and your practice
  • Identifying needs and proactively designing solutions in to meet them
  • Clarifying what you want and identifying what good enough looks like
  • Being more of who you are by being authentic and aligned
  • Generating wellness and growing resilience

Participant Interviews

Participant Feedback

  • My Next Chapter for Creatives - testimonial 5

Past Programmes

Bev and Jean believe that the evolution of the thinking, practices and testing of My Next Chapter for Creatives is an essential part of the creative process. What has continued to be important is the commitment to get it right and so the process has been thorough in every respect. This began with the two-day pilot programme in August 2017 at The South Square Centre in Thornton, Bradford where Bev is based. Ten creatives participated and helped shape the programme as it is today. You can read their testimonials and the impact of the work in the Participant Feedback section on this page and see some of what they were engaged in in the Gallery.

This was followed by a one day programme again at South Square in June 2018. You can hear some of their stories in these short films in the Participant Interviews section on this page and see pictures in the Gallery.

My Next cHapter for Creatives

The programme with New Art Exchange in July 2018 saw the first commissioned My Next Chapter for Creatives. Working to support creative businesses and practitioners from Nottingham including a writer/coach, an inventor and entrepreneur, an international artist from Mumbai in India, a number of makers amongst others representing the huge range of what it means to be creative.

We are very open to exploring opportunities and possibilities for collaboration. Please get in touch if you are interested, either as a participant or a commissioner.