Booking for My Next Chapter for Creatives, Artpocket Studios, Norwich

Saturday 13th July – Sunday 14th July 2019

My Next Chapter for Creatives is a programme to help you think and plan for what’s next; an opportunity to invest in yourself, and your creativity.

Are you an artist, writer, creator, performer or creative of any kind thinking about what’s next for you? Are you at a point in your life and practice where things need to change?

Join coach and facilitator Bev Morton and artist Jean McEwan in a focused, hands-on, two-day programme of thinking and making; exploring where you want to go creatively. Whether you are a visual artist, theatre practitioner, writer, or performer at any stage in your career, or if your practice has lapsed and you want to cultivate it again, this is a space for you to reconnect to your creativity.

We are delighted to be making this programme happen in collaboration with local Norfolk artist Rosy Prue. To book tickets use the Brown Paper Tickets widget below or follow this link.

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Working with #CommunityBusinessTradeUpProgramme @SchSocEnt @Peticana @peoplesbiz focus on #purpose #values #vision this morning

Hot on the back of delivering #MyNextChapterforCreatives @artpocketuk in Norwich, today preparing for #CommunityBusinessTradeUpProgramme @peoplesbiz on #purpose #vision and #values @SchSocEnt @Peticana

It's been an absolute pleasure working with the fantastic team at @jazzleeds to promote the amazing #LeedsJazzFestival this year. Fringe events are happening now & main festival takes place this coming weekend. Here are just 10 reasons to get involved.

Exploring what's right for me - day 2 of #MyNextChapterforCreatives using an evolved #highestpointofcontribution model @GregoryMcKeown @bevmon @Jeanmcewan @rosyprue @artpocketuk

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